Hello! My name is Larisa, and I am a professional photographer

Photographic art is my life ...and my vocation

I’m very fond of my work. Making photos, I immerse in other people’s world, and they confide their inmost feelings and thoughts to me. A photographer stops a moment, and things people care for remain in photos forever. They are weddings, moments of happiness, waiting for a baby, and my task is to give people the pleasure of seeing them after many years.
With a help of my camera you and me record the story of your life – your happiness, love, your rapport ... You are beautiful! And I’ll show it to you.
I’ll be very happy to become your photographer! I’ll make wedding (or any other) photo session in any Italian city – Florence, Venice, Roma, Verona, Milan or other depending on your preference.
I’m able to get on the right side of anybody, to suggest images and routes in detail, to create the mood. I’ll make laugh even those who don’t laugh easily. I’ll create a Holiday of a session!!!